четверг, 28 июля 2016 г.

Sugar Creek Gang: Secret Hideout (2005)

Director: Owen Smith
Stars: Levi Bonilla, Lexi Johnson, Kody Brown, Samuel Hodge, Luke Garmon, Josh Garmon, Samuel Hodge, Jay St. Onge, Jacob Velcoff, Jeff Rose, Parks Stamper, Melakeh Brooks, Ben Johnson III, Emily Jordan
This is the fourth film in The Sugar Creek Gang series. A handful of kids planning a spooky night of camping out get some real scares in this comedy-drama for the whole family. The kids from the Sugar Creek Gang are making their way through the swamp one day when they stumble upon a mystery that leaves a few people in town wondering if anyone is safe. As tempers rise, the gang plans to sleep overnight in a cave that's thought to be haunted, but some of them wonder if it's safe. Later, Poetry (Samuel Hodge) brings his goat to school and raises a ruckus, and the kids learn Old Man Paddler (Ben Johnson III) may be involved with the mystery. The Sugar Creek Gang: Secret Hideout is the fourth in a series of family films based on the Christian-themed books for young people by Paul Hutchins.

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среда, 27 июля 2016 г.

Sugar Creek Gang: Revival Villains (2005)

Another title: Race Against Nightfall

Director & Writer: Joy Chapman
Stars: Levi Bonilla, Lexi Johnson, Kody Brown, Samuel Hodge, Luke Garmon, Josh Garmon, Samuel Hodge, Jay St. Onge, Jacob Velcoff, Adam Boyer, Kayla Belle Rose, James Sutton, L.A. Winters, Jeff Rose

This is the third film in The Sugar Creek Gang series. The residents of Sugar Creek are all riled up for the annual revival celebration, but when the gang catches wind of a plot to sabotage the celebration, they do their best to uncover the plot before disaster strikes in this tale for the whole family. As the sun rises and the town begins to buzz with the air of anticipation, the gang decides to plan the evening activities while taking a dip in the creek. After their fun in the water is ruined by a group of local bullies, Big Bob Till tips the gang off to a plan that may put the evening's activities in jeopardy. When evening falls and the town gathers to celebrate, the gang prowls the area to see if there is any truth to Big Bob's ominous warning.

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понедельник, 25 июля 2016 г.

Pesar-e Mariam (1998)

Pesar-e Mariam / Son of Maryam

Director: Hamid Jebeli
Star: Mohsen Falsafin, Rafik Dergabrilian, Hadi Nainizadeh 

An unlikely friendship between a young Muslim child and an aging Catholic priest forms the basis for this touching story. Moshen Falsafin plays a little boy whose mother died in childbirth. A good student who works hard to help his father, he is troubled by one thought -- he does not know what his mother looked like. When the boy meets a priest (Rafik Dergabrilian) and expresses his concern, the cleric suggests the boy imagine his mother looked like his portrait of the Virgin Mary. Pesareh Maryam / Son Of Mary was the directorial debut of noted Iranian actor Hamid Jebeli.

In Persian, with English subs (.srt)

воскресенье, 24 июля 2016 г.

The Children of An Lac (1980)

Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
Stars: Shirley Jones, Ina Balin, Beulah Quo, Robert 'Toffy' Padua, Alan Fudge, Bongchi Miraflor, Ben Piazza, Lee Paul, Kieu Chinh, Vic Silayan

Based on the true story of film actress Ina Balin and her efforts with American Red Cross volunteer Betty Tisdale (Shirley Jones) as well as a compassionate Vietnamese woman running a Saigon orphange to rescue as many orphaned children and fly them out of the country before the city falls to the communists in the spring of 1975.

USA, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
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пятница, 1 июля 2016 г.

Adventures of Rusty (1945)

Director: Paul Burnford
Stars: Ace the Wonder Dog, Ted Donaldson, Margaret Lindsay, Conrad Nagel, Gloria Holden, Robert Williams, Addison Richards, Arno Frey, Eddie Parker, Billy Gray, Gary Gray, Bobby Larson, Douglas Madore

Danny Mitchell misses his deceased mother and is upset that his father is remarrying. His stepmother, the kindly Ann, struggles to connect with the boy. One day, Danny stumbles upon a solution to his loneliness when he encounters his neighbor's dog, Rusty, a vicious German shepherd trained by the Nazis. Danny adopts Rusty and attempts to rehabilitate him, while Ann works on forging a closer relationship with her stepson.
First movie from the series of eight.
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