понедельник, 20 августа 2018 г.

Roberte (1978)

Director: Pierre Zucca
Stars: Denise Morin-Sinclaire, Pierre Klossowski, Martin Loeb, Barbet Schroeder, Michel Berto, Juliet Berto, Alain Cuny, Jean-François Stévenin, Daniel Schmid, Jérôme Zucca

In her 50s, Roberte (Denise Morin Sinclaire) is still an attractive woman who has kept her figure. She is married to Octave (Pierre Klossowski) a substantially older man. His twisted fantasies require that Roberte seek out other men while he follows behind and keeps track of her activities with them. He mulls over sexual photographs he has taken of the episodes he has forced her to enact, in the street, or at their own house. Despite the somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere created by her husband's obsessions, she wants to bring up her nephew, who is in her charge, free of the darkness that hovers over her.

In French

среда, 15 августа 2018 г.

Sizdah (2014)

Sizdah / سیزدهسیزده / 13

Director & Writer: Houman Seyyedi (as Hooman Seyedi)
Stars: Yasna Mirtahmasb, Azadeh Samadi, Amir Jafari, Rima Raminfar, Amir Jadidi, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Vishka Asayesh, Mehran Ahmadi

A drama about Bemani, a reticent and monosyllabic 13-year-old boy. His parents are separated and he's being bullied at school. His world is falling apart. A gang whose leader is a lovely-looking girl is his safe haven. Or so it seems.

In Persian, with English subs (in .mkv)

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Dek To (2005)

Dek To / เด็กโต๋ / Innocence

Directors: Nisa Kongsri & Areeya Chumsai

Innocence is a 2005 independent documentary film about a boarding school for hill tribe children in Northern Thailand.

In Thai

суббота, 11 августа 2018 г.

La grande aurora (1947)

La grande aurora / The Great Dawn

Director: Giuseppe Maria Scotese
Stars: Pierino Gamba, Renée Faure, Rossano Brazzi, Giovanni Grasso, Michele Riccardini, Yvonne Sanson, Fausto Guerzoni, Loris Gizzi

Child prodigy symphonic conductor Pierino Gamba plays himself in this charming Italian bio-pic. Piero wants to become a professional but finds himself arguing with his wealthy grandfather who wants him to pursue other paths. The boy's dad, a composer with little talent, becomes a clown in Paris so that he can help the lad's mother get custody of the boy from the grandfather. The boy, has other plans. Enlisting the aid of a local priest, the boy organizes a full orchestra which he will conduct during their open-air concert. After the concert the mother and father get back together and the grandfather changes his mind.

French dubbed

четверг, 9 августа 2018 г.

The Mother (2007)

The Mother / La Mère / Мать

Directors & Writer: Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarov

This is a powerful portrait of a very Russian mother at extremes. After suffering abuse at the hands of her violent husband, Lyuba flees to the countryside with her nine children, where she struggles to earn a living and care for a family increasingly fragmented by time, poverty, and crime. Shot over three years, The Mother is a landmark in observational cinema, looking unflinchingly at people enduring socio-economic hardships while letting the fullness of human experience and emotion shine through.

Country: Switzerland | France | Russia
Language: Russian

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Elephant Boy (1937)

Directors: Robert J. Flaherty (as Robert Flaherty), Zoltan Korda
Stars: Sabu, W.E. Holloway, Walter Hudd, Allan Jeayes, Bruce Gordon, D.J. Williams, Wilfrid Hyde-White

This black and white movie is based on Rudyard Kipling's "Toomai, of the Elephants", in which a small native lad claims he knows the congregating place of the elephant hordes.

In English

вторник, 7 августа 2018 г.

Buongiorno, elefante! (1952)

Buongiorno, elefante! / Hello Elephant

Director: Gianni Franciolini
Stars: Vittorio De Sica, María Mercader, Nando Bruno, Sabu, Stefano Carnetta, Giampiero Donini, Giuseppe Mendola, Gisella Sofio, Michele Sakara, Ciro Berardi, Giuseppe Chinnici, Antonio Nicotra, Piero Mastrocinque, Pasquale De Filippo, Teresa Fimiani, Fausto Guerzoni, Sofi Fort

Vittorio De Sica is a teacher struggling to take care of his family and always dreaming that Parliament will increase the salaries for teachers and life will become easier for his wife and kids. An Indian prince (Sabu) visits Italy, is assisted by the teacher, and gives De Sica a baby elephant as a reward. This upsets the landlord the other tenants and the neighborhood.

In Italian

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Ciske De Rat (1955)

Director: Wolfgang Staudte
Stars: Kees Brusse, Dick Van Der Velde, Heli Finkenzeller, Jenny Van Maerlant, Dick Bos, Berta Drews, Walter Janssen

The story is set in the Amsterdam of the thirties, and told from the perspective of a teacher named Bruis. The narrative is centered around Cis Vrijmoeth, an oaf who never sees his father, because he is a sailor, and who is neglected by his mother. Time after time he is expelled from school. Only teacher Bruis can really handle and restrain the boy. In an fit of rage and fear, Ciske kills his mother with a knife and he is sent to a youth detention center. In the end, his father returns from the sea and decides to take care of him, together with his wife Aunt Jans.

West Germany | Netherlands
In Dutch, with English subs (.srt)

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Mr. Celebrity (1941)

Director: William Beaudine
Stars: Robert 'Buzz' Henry, James Seay, Doris Day, William Halligan, Laura Treadwell, Gavin Gordon, Frank Hagney, John Berkes, John Ince, Francis X. Bushman, Clara Kimball Young

After he was orphaned young Danny Mason (Robert 'Buzz' Henry) was left in the custody of his Uncle Jim (James Seay) who frequents racetracks as a horse vet. It is because of this that Danny's grandparents have hired a private investigator to track them down as they don't believe hanging around the track is good for Danny and so they want custody of him. Danny and Jim's travels lead them to a stud where they along with a mixed bunch of people including former boxers, writers and an old silent movie star all have a share in an old horse, an old horse called "Mr. Celebrity" which is going to become very important in the long run.

USA, Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC)
In English

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Ettore Fieramosca (1938)

Director: Alessandro Blasetti
Stars: Gino Cervi, Mario Ferrari, Elisa Cegani, Osvaldo Valenti, Lamberto Picasso, Corrado Racca, Clara Calamai, Umberto Sacripante, Andrea Checchi

Costume drama of the love of the condottiere Fieramosca for the lady of the castle which triumphs over the betrayal of the castle by her husband to the French in 1500 or so.

In Italian, with English subs (.srt)