пятница, 15 июня 2018 г.

Peter Pan (1924)

Director: Herbert Brenon
Stars: Betty Bronson, Ernest Torrence, George Ali, Mary Brian, Jack Murphy, Philippe De Lacy, Esther Ralston, Cyril Chadwick, Maurice Murphy, Mickey McBan, George Crane Jr., Winston Doty, Weston Doty, Terence McMillan, Kit Wain, Virginia Brown Faire, Anna May Wong

Peter Pan, the kid who doesn't want to grow up, arrives at the Darling home searching for his shadow. He meets the Darling children and takes them to Never-Never Land, where they will fight against Capt. Hook and his pirate ship and crew. The first film adaptation of the famous play by J. M. Barrie.

Silent, with English intertitles + Russian subs (in .mkv)

воскресенье, 10 июня 2018 г.

Härte (2015)

Härte / Tough Love

Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Stars: Andreas Marquardt, Marion Erdmann, Hanno Koffler, Luise Heyer, Katy Karrenbauer, Rüdiger Götze, Ilse Amberger-Bendin, Steffen Bielig

The film tells the story of Andreas Marquardt who was sexually abused by his mother as a boy, became a karate champion and later a pimp.

In German, with German and English subs (in .mkv)

четверг, 7 июня 2018 г.

Sklenená oblaka (1957)

Sklenená oblaka / Skleněná oblaka / Clouds of Glass / Glass Skies

Director & Writer: Frantisek Vlácil
Star: Antonín Zíb

A young boy’s infatuation with flight is the subject of Vláčil’s poetic, prize-winning early short, made for the Czechoslovak Army’s film unit. With its emphasis on striking visual compositions and rhythm, Glass Skies announced the artistic methods that would continue to distinguish the director’s work.

Czechoslovakia, in Czech, with English subs (.srt, in archive)

суббота, 2 июня 2018 г.

He Who Eats Children (2016)

Director & Writer: Ben Russell

In Suriname, in a small jungle village, blindfolded girls and boys play a kind of hide-and-seek – the one with the monster who catches and eats children. According to local legend, the monster is the village’s only white person, a Dutch man who repairs outboard motors. Alternating between colour and black and white, Ben Russell leads the investigation, meeting the villagers and the infamous European. His camera sensuously explores this small world, where apparitions are never far off. A terrifying rubber white-man mask, frenzied races and scary stories: there are as many participants as elements from which the film constructs itself before our eyes, like a true myth.

Short, documentary
USA, in Creole, with English hardsubs

среда, 30 мая 2018 г.

Todos somos estrellas (1993)

Todos somos estrellas / We're All Stars

Director: Felipe Degregori
Stars: Milena Alva, Dante Herrera, Ivonne Barriga, Élide Brero, Julián Legaspi, Rebeca Ráez, Mariella Balbi, Katia Condos, Hernán Romero

This Peruvian comedy takes a poke at Latin living and at the power of the media. The story centers around the troubled family of Carmen Huambachano, who never miss Lima's popular weekly TV series "We Are All Stars." In this show, a typical family is first interviewed and then given the opportunity to win prizes. The Huambachano family is chosen, a TV crew is at the door, and now the family must decide how they are going to present themselves on national television. They rally together and quickly begin repainting and redecorating the house, finding their best clothing, and finally looking for a suitable "husband" for Carmen. Her real husband, a "no good rat" left her years before...

In Spanish, with English hardsubs

вторник, 29 мая 2018 г.

Een idee van de zee (2016)

Een idee van de zee / A Sea Change

Director & Writer: Nina de Vroome

A Sea Change takes its audience to the IBIS maritime boarding school in Ostend (BE). Boys learn how to read the sea and work on a fishing boat. They are confronted with a capricious and constantly changing sea.

Belgium, in Dutch, with English hardsubs

пятница, 25 мая 2018 г.

Fisherman's Wharf (1939)

Director: Bernard Vorhaus
Stars: Bobby Breen, Leo Carrillo, Henry Armetta, Tommy Bupp, Lee Patrick, Rosina Galli, Slicker the Seal, Leon Belasco

In this musical drama, a child is abandoned upon the San Francisco docks but is found by some kindly fisherman who take him in and raise him. His life is happy until the fisherman's sister-in-law moves in after her husband dies. She brings her bratty son with her. This duplicitous duo upsets the orphan so much that he runs away. The fisherman launches a huge city-wide search, finds the sad lad, and finally brings him back home.

USA, Sol Lesser Productions
In English

вторник, 22 мая 2018 г.

BBC Play of the Month: The Winslow Boy (1977)

Director: David Giles
Stars: Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Simon Chandler, Ann Beach, Eric Porter, Diana Fairfax, Michele Dotrice, David Robb, Jonathan Adams, Alan Badel

In pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a petty theft, but his parents raise a political furor by demanding a trial. Based on the play from 1946 by Terence Rattigan.

First aired 16 January 1977.

In English, with English hardsubs

вторник, 24 апреля 2018 г.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (1936)

Director: Charles Lamont
Stars: Frank Coghlan Jr. , Lloyd Hughes, Dickie Moore, Ann Doran, Corky, Richard Carle, Ralf Harolde, Frank Sheridan, Matthew Betz

Upset by discipline at school, a 17-year-old runs away to New York City and learns there are worse problems than going to his little red school house.

USA, Chesterfield Motion Pictures Corporation
In English