суббота, 17 июля 2021 г.

The Green Pastures (1936)


Directors: Marc Connelly, William Keighley
Stars: Rex Ingram, Oscar Polk, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Frank H. Wilson, George Reed, Abraham Gleaves, Myrtle Anderson, Al Stokes, Dudley Dickerson

God, heaven, and several Old Testament stories, including the Creation and Noah's Ark, are described supposedly using the perspective of rural, black Americans.

In English, with English subs (muxed)

среда, 14 июля 2021 г.

Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo (2017)


Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo / Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

Director: Gustavo Salmerón
Stars: Julita Salmerón, Antonio García Cabanes, Ramón García Salmerón, Paloma García Salmerón, Gustavo Salmerón

Spanish actor Gustavo Salmerón steps behind the camera to capture the winsome eccentricities of his extraordinary mother Julita, who had three dreams: having lots of kids, owning a monkey, and living in a castle.


Spain, in Spanish
With English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese subtitles (.srt in The archive)

суббота, 10 июля 2021 г.

Víctimas del pecado (1951)

Víctimas del pecado / Victims of Sin

Director: Emilio Fernández
Stars: Ninón Sevilla, Tito Junco, Rodolfo Acosta, Ismael Pérez (as Poncianito), Rita Montaner, Margarita Ceballos, Arturo Soto Rangel, Francisco Reiguera, Lupe Carriles

In México City, a Cuban dancer from "Cabaret Changó" rescues a baby from a garbage can and decides to raise him, but her pachuco pimp gets in her way.

In Spanish, with English subs (embed)

среда, 7 июля 2021 г.

Goroohban (1992)


Goroohban / گروهبان / The Sergeant

Director: Masud Kimiai
Stars: Ahmad Najafi, Golchehre Sajadieh, Shahed Ahmadloo, Mir Mohammad Tajaddod, Mohammad Abdollahi, Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo, Abbas Ghajar, Hossein Maleki, Hossein Memarzade, Saeed Pirdust, Aghdas Sehhatbakhsh

Ravaged physically and psychologically by the war, sergeant Rostam Darre Kalaye is retired to go back to his family in the northern part of Iran. During his long absence, his wife Golbakht and their son had to work in sergeant brother's auto service. Initially delighted by return of his husband, Golbakht gradually finds his husband a handful stranger. Sergeant hears from his old friend , a retired major sergeant, that his piece of land has been taken by Nasser khan. Sergeant is bent on retrieving what he believes to be still belonging to him, but aside from his son and friend, nobody stands by him and when begins to work in his land, he is harshly thrashed by Nasser's men. It's around the time The Soviet Union has opened its borders just before its downfall, and Golbakht's old mother, originally an immigrant from Caucasus decides to cross the borders to revisit her homeland. Golbakht that finds his silent husband beyond her tolerance decides to leave him and their son and accompany...

In Persian, with English subs (embed)

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Louisiana (1984)


Directors: Philippe de Broca, Jacques Demy, Etienne Périer
Stars: Margot Kidder, Ian Charleson, Andréa Ferréol, Lloyd Bochner, Victor Lanoux, Len Cariou, Hilly Hicks, Raymond Pellegrin, Ken Pogue, Akosua Busia, Alex Liggett, Matthew Breeding, Davis Hotard

The action is located in Louisiana in the mid-nineteenth century; Virginia will fight to get possession of the Bagatelle estate after it was lost during the Civil War.

Canada | France | Italy | United States
In English, with English subs (embed)

четверг, 29 апреля 2021 г.

Zemlya Ottsov (1966)


Zemlya Ottsov / Земля отцов / The Land of The Fathers

Director: Shaken Ajmanov
Stars: Yeleubai Umurzakov, Murat Akhmadiev, Viktor Shevtsov, Yuri Pomerantsev, Tamara Kokova, Yaragi Zubayrayev, Lyubov Malinovskaya, Amina Umurzakova, Viktor Perevalov, Radner Muratov

An old man decides to find the body of his son, a Kazakh soldier who died fighting somewhere in Russia, to bury him in the land of his ancestors. Traveling across the land with his grandson, they discover the harsh reality of war, and when they finally find the coveted grave, they realize that many brothers-in-arms are buried with the soldier.

Soviet Union (Kazakhfilm Studios)
In Russian, with English subs (VobSub)

понедельник, 19 апреля 2021 г.

Kiviuq (2007)

Director & Writer: John Houston
Cast: Lamech Kadloo, Laila Hansen, June Shappa, Annie Peterloosie

Kiviuq is a legendary hero of the epic stories of the Inuit of the Arctic regions of northern Canada, Alaska and Greenland. Filmmaker John Houston, who was raised among Inuit in the territory and speaks Inuktitut fluently, travelled across the Arctic seeking out elders who remembered the legend; hishe film features elders, who know the myth, local actors, drummers and a troupe of Inuvialuit dancers from Cambridge Bay.

In English & Inuktitut
Subtitles: Danish, English, French, German

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Podarok od Veseliot Moler (1957)


Podarok od Veseliot Moler / Подарок од Веселиот Молер / The Happy House Painter

Director: Dimitar Kostarov (as Dimitar Kjostarov)
Stars: Ivan Icmarev, Kole Sinjkievikj, Mishko Nestorovski, Solunka Nestorovska

Children play painting on the wall of the room. There comes a painter to redecorate the flat. He paints on the wall and amuses the children. But even after he is done redecorating the wall, the children continue seeing and enjoying the painting in their fantasy. Nobody is aware of their secret painting -- a gift from the painter.

Yugoslavia, in Macedonian, with English subs (.srt in the archive)

четверг, 15 апреля 2021 г.

Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon (1965)


Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon / Frankenstein Conquers The World

Director: Ishirô Honda
Stars: Nick Adams, Kumi Mizuno, Tadao Takashima, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Kôji Furuhata, Jun Tazaki, Susumu Fujita, Takashi Shimura, Nobuo Nakamura

Near the end of WWII, Germans transport the immortal heart of Frankenstein's monster to Japan, where it is seeming lost in the bombing of Hiroshima. Years later a wild boy is found, born from the immortal heart.

In Japanese, with English and Russian subs (.srt in the archive)

среда, 14 апреля 2021 г.

La vie est à nous (1936)


La vie est à nous / Life Is Ours / The People of France

Directors: Jean Renoir, Jacques Becker, Jacques B. Brunius, Jean-Paul Le Chanois etc
Stars: Jean Dasté, Jacques B. Brunius, Simone Guisin, Teddy Michaud, Pierre Unik, Charles Blavette, Gaston Clamamus

A propaganda film of the communist party of France, showing who the comrades help the proletarian people against the capitalists. Parts of the film were taken from newsreels, and are mixed with new sketches about working people, peasants and intellectuals. It also features propagandistic speeches of leading members of the party.

In French, with English subs (embed)