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Stickin' Together (1978)

Stickin' Together / Wonderland Cove

Director: Jerry Thorpe
Stars: Clu Gulager, Sean Roche, Lory Walsh, Sean Marshall, Randi Kiger, Keith Coogan, Richard Venture, Gwen Arner, Deborah White, Talia Balsam, Sean Tyler Hall

With their parents missing at sea, five children stay together as a family by lying to the authorities about having an uncle who looks after them. When the youngest is caught playing hooky from school, the fictitious relative is required to sign documents at the boy's school, which puts the kids on a search for a man willing to play the part. Eventually, a stoic sailor agrees to take on the role; might he get more than he bargained for once feelings for these children develop?

In English

суббота, 26 декабря 2015 г.

Kleine Grosse Stimme (2015)

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Stars: Wainde Wane, Jakob Eder, Enzo Gaier, Philipp Hochmair, Aeneas Hollweg, Timotheus Hollweg, Tyron Ricketts

"KLEINE GROSSE STIMME" tells the story of musically highly gifted Benedikt Thaler, just under ten-years old, son of an Austrian mother and a US-soldier of African American background (of the occupying army). After the death of his mother Benedikt has to overcome various difficulties in search of his father, before he finally finds what he has been looking for: a family.

In German

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Double Parked (2000)

Director: Stephen Kinsella
Stars: Callie Thorne, Bill Sage, Noah Fleiss, Rufus Read, Cassandra Morris, P.J. Brown, Michelle Hurd, Eileen Galindo

A resourceful and high-spirited woman deals with financial distress and her asthmatic thirteen-year-old son when his life is gravely complicated by a new friendship with the son of her former drunken and abusive husband.

In English (second audio)

воскресенье, 20 декабря 2015 г.

Chac: Dios de la lluvia (1974)

Chac: Dios de la lluvia / Chac: The Rain God

Director & Writer: Rolando Klein
Stars: Pablo Canche Balam, Alonzo Mendez Ton, Sebastian Santis, Pedro Tiez, Antonio Osil, Antonio Ton, Alonso Puj, Antonio Castellanos

Chac is a straightforward tale about a group of modern-day Mayans who are suffering a drought, and seek the assistance of their ancient rain-deity "Chac" to bring rain. For most of the story, the villagers are on a long pilgrimage to find a shaman who can put them in touch with the deity. In the latter part of the film, the shaman's efforts, at first apparently unsuccessful, reach a shocking culmination.

Country: Mexico | Panama
Language: Tzotzil Maya | Spanish
English hardsubs

четверг, 17 декабря 2015 г.

Tabataba (1988)

Director: Raymond Rajaonarivelo
Stars: Philippe Nahoun, François Botozandry, Lucien Dadakisy, Soatody, Soavelo, Rasoa, Jacky Guégan, Tsimba Tsilavo, Philibert Wang

Tabataba tells the story of a small Malagasy village during the independence uprising which took place in 1947 in the south of the country. For several months, part of the Malagasy population revolted against the French colonial army in a bloody struggle. The repression in villages that followed was terrible, leading to fires, arrests and torture. Women, children and the elderly were the indirect victims of the conflict and suffered particularly from famine and illness. One leader of the MDRM Malagasy Party, which campaigns for the independence of the country, arrives in a village. Solo (François Botozandry), the main character, is still too young to fight but he sees his brother and most of the men in his clan join up. His grandmother, Bakanga (Soavelo), knows what will happen, but Solo still hopes his elder brother will return a hero. After months of rumours, he sees instead the French army arrive to crush the rebellion.

Country: France | Madagascar
Language: French | Malagasy
French and English subs in .mkv

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A King in New York (1957)

Director & Writer: Charles Chaplin
Stars: Charles Chaplin, Maxine Audley, Jerry Desmonde, Michael Chaplin, Oliver Johnston, Dawn Addams, Sidney James, Joan Ingram, Shani Wallis

A recently-deposed European monarch seeks shelter in New York City, where he becomes an accidental television celebrity and is later wrongly accused of being a Communist.

In English (second audio)

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Zai na he pan qing cao qing (1983)

Zai na he pan qing cao qing / The Green, Green Grass of Home

Director & Writer: Hsiao-Hsien Hou
Stars: Kenny Bee, Jing-kuo Yen, Meifeng Chen, Chuan-wen Cheng, Ling Chiang, Pin-chun Chou, Tou Hu, Chun Ku, Tsung-Sheng Lee

Da-Nian is a young man from Taipei. He goes to a remote village and works as a substitute teacher. He and Su-Yun, another teacher at the school, fall in love. There are several students in his class who are like the naughty "three musketeers", and a sad, silent boy Xiang-Wang, who's parents are divorced. Besides, in order to support the family, Xian-Wang's father kills the fish in the river with electricity, which is against the law and causes a lot of damage to the natural resources. Because of this, Xian-Wang has been teased by other school children. At last, he becomes so upset and runs away from home...

In Chinese (Mandarin) with Japanese and English subs in MKV

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Chicama (2013)

Director & Writer: Omar Forero
Stars: Fernando Bacilio, Pedro Castillo, Ana Paula Ganoza, José Sopan
Caesar left the teaching career and now dreams of leaving his hometown to the coast in Trujillo. But in the big city, the competition is tough and there are no job openings. Thus, he accepted the post of teacher in a small village in the mountains where he will live the lack of prospects, both for themselves and for their students. But you also fall in love and find its place, its people and a worthy destination as a rural teacher.

In Spanish

среда, 9 декабря 2015 г.

Farshe Baad / Kaze No Jutan (2003)

Farshe Baad / Kaze no jûtan / The Wind Carpet

Director: Kamal Tabrizi
Stars: Miyu Yagyu, Farbod Ahmadjoo, Rentarô Mikuni, Reza Kianian, Yûki Kudô, Takaaki Enoki

Ten-year-old Sakura travels with her father Makoto from Takayama City, Japan, to Isfahan, Iran, to pick up a Persian carpet designed by her late mother. Although warmly greeted by Makoto’s friend Akbar, it soon becomes clear that the carpet – needed in 20 days for a Japanese festival – has not yet been woven. Coming to the rescue is Ruzbeh, Akbar’s tenacious and streetwise 11-year-old nephew, who mobilises the locals into a sort of carpet-weaving task force in a bid to get the job done. This Iranian-Japanese co-production fittingly celebrates cross-cultural collaboration as a way of getting results and, perhaps more importantly, enriching each other’s traditional way of life.

Iran | Japan
Japanese + Persian, with Arabic, Farsi, French, Japanese and English subs (VobSubs contained in MKV)

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Kenner (1968)

Kenner / Year of the Cricket

Director: Steve Sekely
Stars: Jim Brown, Ricky Cordell, Madlyn Rhue, Robert Coote, Charles Horvath, Prem Nath, Kuljit Singh, Sulochana Latkar, Ursula Prince

An American travels to India to avenge the murder of his business partner. But on the path to vengeance he discovers both love and responsibility.

In English

суббота, 5 декабря 2015 г.

Le silence de la forêt (2003)

Le silence de la forêt / The Forest

Directors: Bassek Ba Kobhio, Didier Ouenangare
Stars: Eriq Ebouaney, Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Sonia Zembourou, Ernest Mongai, Philippe Maury

Gonaba, a school inspector in Bangui, suddenly decides to drop everything and go and live in the heart of the equatorial forest in the land of the Babinga pigmies. He wants to help them free themselves from the domination of the " tall men ", which is still a problem 40 years after the country's independence. True love awaits him there, and the voyage will also be a great initiation for him.

Central African Republic  | Cameroon | Gabon | France
In French, with English hardsubs

четверг, 3 декабря 2015 г.

Los niños abandonados (1975)

Los niños abandonados / The Abandoned Children

Director: Danny Lyon

This film quietly chronicles the aimless daily lives of abandoned children in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Danny Lyon is one of America's great photographers, best known for his series on Chicago bike gangs and his on-going series of death row inmates in the Texas prison system. Lyon was partners with Robert Frank in a company they formed to make documentaries and support their photographic work when he made this poetic cinema-verité portrait of homeless children on the streets of Santa Marta, Colombia. Lyon's remarkable trademark ability to be with the boys as if he were one of them allows him (and us) to experience their day-to-day lives. Punctuated by songs written and sung by one of the boys, the film has a transcendent objectivity tinged with heartbreaking beauty. Restored at 2K by Mark Rance from the original camera negative held at the George Eastman House, the audio has been restored from the original production tapes. This effort is part of an on-going collaboration between Watchmaker Films and Lyons' Bleak Beauty.

Colombia | USA
In Spanish, with English hardsubs