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среда, 30 января 2019 г.

The Little Savage (1959)

Director: Byron Haskin
Stars: Pedro Armendáriz, Christiane Martel, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Terry Rangno, Boyd Holister

A marooned Spanish pirate (Pedro Armendáriz) and boy (Terry Rangno) wait years to be rescued from a desert island.

USA | Mexico
In English

вторник, 29 января 2019 г.

Mästerdetektiven lever farligt (1957)

Mästerdetektiven lever farligt / The Master Detective Lives Dangerously

Director: Olle Hellbom
Stars: Sven Almgren, Leif Nilsson, Birgitta Hörnblad, Sigge Fürst, Nils Hallberg, Siv Ericks, Erik Strandmark, Georg Skarstedt

It is the height of summer, and the War of the Roses is in full swing in Lillköping town. The winner can claim the magical Snusmumrik stone.
But real danger is around the corner. Old man Gren will meet a violent death this summer. Who is the murderer and what be the motive? Master detective Kalle Blomkvist is on the case, it will be more dangerous than he knows.
Based on the classic children's novel series by Astrid Lindgren.

In Swedish, with English subs (.srt)

The Monster of Highgate Ponds (1961)

Director: Alberto Cavalcanti
Stars: Rachel Clay, Michael Wade, Terry Raven, Ronald Howard, Frederick Piper, Michael Balfour, Roy Vincente (The Monster's voice), Beryl Cooke, Philip Latham, Douglas Robinson

A group of British children discover an ancient Malaysian egg that hatches into a bizarre but friendly creature. Soon the kids are struggling to protect the beast from a greedy circus manager while trying to help it find its way home.

In English

понедельник, 28 января 2019 г.

Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)

Director: Henry Hathaway
Stars: Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell, Cecil Kellaway, Gene Lockhart, Berry Kroeger, John McIntire, Harry Morgan

At the end of the 19th century, Massachusetts whaling ship captain Bering Joy takes his grandson Jed on a whaling expedition. The old captain wants to teach his spoiled grandson real life values such as honesty, courage, wisdom, fairness and hard work. At the same time, First Mate Dan Lunceford is entrusted with tutoring the boy in his schoolwork. A small competition and rivalry starts when both men, Captain Joy and First Mate Lunceford, strive to become young Jed's male role model. Captain Joy may have the wisdom dictated by his life's experiences but young Jed's imagination is rather captivated by Dan Lunceford's seafaring tales.

In English

воскресенье, 27 января 2019 г.

Río Escondido (1948)

Río Escondido / Hidden River

Director: Emilio Fernández
Stars: María Félix, Carlos López Moctezuma, Fernando Fernández, Beatriz Germán Fuentes, Jaime Jiménez Pons, Agustín Isunza, Manuel Dondé, Eduardo Arozamena, Arturo Soto Rangel, Columba Domínguez, Juan García

Called by the Mexican President himself, and in spite of a heart condition, young teacher Rosaura Salazar travels to the deserted town of Rio Escondido to accomplish the mission of bringing education to the poorest people. Being there, Salazar has to fight Regino Sandoval the evil landlord of the town. He has transformed the town into his own property, imposing his will and spreading death everywhere.

In Spanish, with Spanish subs (.srt)

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Toubab Bi (1991)

Director: Moussa Touré
Stars: Makena Diop, Hélène Lapiower, Khalil Gueye, Cheikh Toure, Dieynaba Niang, Abou Camara, Mouss Diouf, Monique Mélinand, Philippe Nahon, France Anglade

Soriba Samb (Oumar Diop Makena) is a Senegalese who has just received a much sought after internship to study filmmaking in Paris. In this story, Soriba heads to Paris, accompanied by the five-year old son of a friend who he believes to be still living in Paris. On arrival he struggles to find the boy’s father. In addition to coping with his new internship, Soriba has to also spend time tracking down the boy's father 'Issa'.

Senegal | France
In French, with English hardsubs

вторник, 15 января 2019 г.

Iolanda tra bimba e corsara (2012)

Iolanda tra bimba e corsara / Iolanda, child and corsair

Director: Tonino De Bernardi
Stars: Caterina De Bernardi, Giulietta De Bernardi, Teresa De Bernardi, Tommaso De Bernardi, Andrea Mantelli, Alberto Momo

The children in the film are Salgari’s pirates today in the countryside of Piedmont, inside, outside and alongside daily life. In parallel and together there are adults, with their existences and problems. The children are brothers/sisters/cousins and friends who love each other and quarrel. They provide the starting point for the film and a journey through childhood, to the sound of songs by pirate musicians and singers. Emilio Salgari is present, but in centre stage is Alberto, who works on films with his computer. All of his characters can be seen in modern-day Turin. Salgari is yesterday and the film is today. The past is always present.

In Italian

среда, 9 января 2019 г.

La saison des hommes (2000)

La saison des hommes / Maussim al-rijal / The Season of Men

Director: Moufida Tlatli
Stars: Rabia Ben Abdallah, Sabah Bouzouita, Ghalia Benali, Adel Hergal, Hind Sabri, Ezzedine Gannoun, Mouna Noureddine, Azza Baaziz, Lilia Falkat

The Season of Men is a 2000 French-Tunisian drama film directed by Moufida Tlatli. The title of the film, Season of the Men, refers to the one month out of the year that the women's husbands come to the Island of Djebar.

Tunisia | France
Language: French | Arabic
With English subs (.srt)