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The Clue of the Missing Ape (1953)

The Clue of the Missing Ape / Gibraltar Adventure

Director: James Hill
Stars: Nati Banda, Roy Savage, George Cole, Patrick Boxill, William Patrick, [u]Luis Ellul[/u], Marcus Simpson, Peter Copley, John Ocello, Evelyn Roberts

Having heroically rescued a pilot from his burning plane, young Jimmy Sutton is rewarded with a trip to Gibraltar, where he befriends Pilar, daughter of host Petty Officer Ellis.  Although the children uncover a plot by international spies both to undermine morale by killing the famous Gibraltar apes and to decimate the Royal Navy, their elders are unbelieving.  Jimmy and Pilar steal the plans for the fleet's destruction, however, enabling frogmen to deactivate limpet mines attached to the ship Vanguard and facilitate apprehension of the saboteurs.

UK, GB Instructional Films
In English

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