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Il piccolo patriota padovano (1915)

Il piccolo patriota padovano / The Little Patriot From Padua

Director: Leopoldo Carlucci
Star: Ermanno Roveri

On a ship bound for Genoa is a small Paduan boy, covered in rags, who has been sold by his parents to a company of acrobats and been forced to do all the work in the circus. After escaping during a stopover in Barcelona, the Italian consul has repatriated him. Moved by pity and curiosity, some foreign travelers offer the boy some money. Retiring to his bunk, he dreams of a decent meal, a new jacket and bringing the rest of the money home to his parents, so poor they had to sell him. But when by chance he hears those travelers, chatting with each other, gossiping about Italy and the Italians, he dosn’t hesitate to throw his money back in their faces, shouting “I will not accept alms from those who insult my country."
Another story of youthful self-sacrifice from Edmondo De Amicis' novel
Cuore / Heart.

Silent movie with no sound and intertitles

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