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Pesar-e Mariam (1998)

Pesar-e Mariam / Son of Maryam

Director: Hamid Jebeli
Star: Mohsen Falsafin, Rafik Dergabrilian, Hadi Nainizadeh 

An unlikely friendship between a young Muslim child and an aging Catholic priest forms the basis for this touching story. Moshen Falsafin plays a little boy whose mother died in childbirth. A good student who works hard to help his father, he is troubled by one thought -- he does not know what his mother looked like. When the boy meets a priest (Rafik Dergabrilian) and expresses his concern, the cleric suggests the boy imagine his mother looked like his portrait of the Virgin Mary. Pesareh Maryam / Son Of Mary was the directorial debut of noted Iranian actor Hamid Jebeli.

In Persian, with English subs (.srt)

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