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The Young and the Brave (1963)

Director: Francis D. Lyon
Stars: Rory Calhoun, Manuel Padilla Jr., William Bendix, Richard Jaeckel, Richard Arlen, John Agar, Robert Ivers, Dennis Richards, Robert Goshen

In this Korean War drama, three POWs escape the North Koreans and try to make it safely across enemy lines. During their flight, the soldiers encounter a young boy and his German Shepherd. The boy hates the communists because they killed his parents for sheltering American soldiers, and he offers to help the Americans escape. The journey is arduous and one of the soldiers dies. The fugitives are then joined by a victim of brainwashing. Finally they find the rescue helicopter, but the two original soldiers refuse to board until they can ensure the safety of the brave boy. They decide to take him to America, even though it means they may be court-martialed. One of the men becomes the lad's step-father.

In English

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