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Gu huo qi bing zhi bing xian zhe (1996)

Gu huo qi bing zhi bing xian zhe / 18 Shaolin Golden Boys

Director: Wai-Tat To
Stars: Rongguang Yu, Willie Chi, Siu-Ha Chan, Bing Chan Cheung, Billy Chow, Ka-Kui Ho, Fui-On Shing, Yu Tsai

Rocky, an American martial-arts student who leaves San Francisco for the famous Shaolin temple, where he proves his kung-fu prowess by dodging the abbot's mystical laser beams and performing other feats of skill. Rocky is then allowed to join the Shaolin as a student, and later helps the monks defeat a gang of thieves, led by the evil Pao, who wants to steal an invaluable Flying Horse statue from the temple.

Hong Kong
Cantonese | Mandarin
With Chinese and English hardsubs

AVI 700Mb 1:29:32
464x288 (1.61:1), 23.976 fps, XviD Final 1.0.2 (build 36) ~958 kbps avg, 0.30 bit/pixel
48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~121.51 kbps avg



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