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Shanghai jiaqi (1991)

Shanghai jiaqi / My American Grandson

Director: Ann Hui
Stars: Kun-Hsuan Huang, Carina Lau, Peng Sun, Lai Wang, Wu-Ma

A 12-year-old boy from America experiences the clash of cultures and the generation gap when he visits his grandfather in Shanghai.

Taiwan | Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin + English hardsubs

воскресенье, 27 ноября 2016 г.

Jericó (1991)

Jericó / Jericho

Director & Writer: Luis Alberto Lamata
Stars: Wilfredo Cisneros, Cosme Cortázar, Doris Díaz, Amílcar Marcano, Alexander Milic, Luis Pardi, Francis Rueda

The Venezuelan film Jerico is the fictional account of the Dominican friar Santiago who is sent by the Roman Catholic Church (against his wishes) as a missionary on a Sixteenth century Spanish expedition into the Amazon region of South America in order to bring Christianity to the indios. Santiago is appalled by the brutality of the conquistadors towards the natives. He flees the main expeditionary force with a group of Spaniards who have stolen the expedition's gold and are on a quest to find the Pacific Ocean. All the other members of the group are killed in an attack by natives, and Santiago is captured.

In Spanish, with English subs (.srt)

четверг, 24 ноября 2016 г.

Amahl and the Night Visitors (1978)

Director: Arvin Brown
Stars: Teresa Stratas, Robert Sapolsky, Giorgio Tozzi, Willard White, Nico Castel, Michael Lewis, Kate Castle, Peter Walker, John Terry Bates

The popular Gian Carlo Menotti opera about Amahl, a crippled boy who joins the Magi on the road to Bethlehem on the eve of the first Christmas.

In English

вторник, 22 ноября 2016 г.

Amahl and the Night Visitors (1951)

Directors: Kirk Browning, Gian Carlo Menotti
Stars: Chet Allen, Rosemary Kuhlmann, Andrew McKinley, David Aiken, Leon Lishner, Francis Monachino, Melissa Hayden, Nicholas Magallanes, Glen Tetley

One night in Judea, a disabled shepherd boy-turned-beggar and his mother are visited by three strangers. They are the Three Kings, and they are on their way to Bethlehem to visit the Christ Child, who has just been born.
Amahl and the Night Visitors is an opera in one act by Gian Carlo Menotti with an original English libretto by the composer. It was commissioned by NBC and first performed by the NBC Opera Theatre on December 24, 1951, in New York City at NBC studio 8H in Rockefeller Center, where it was broadcast live on television from that venue as the debut production of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. It was the first opera specifically composed for television in America.

In English

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For the Love of Willadean (1964)

For the Love of Willadean: A Taste of Melon & Treasure in a Haunted House

Director: Byron Paul
Stars: Terry Burnham, Roger Mobley, Michael McGreevey, Billy Mumy, Ed Wynn, Barbara Eiler, John Anderson, Harry Harvey
Nostalgic tale of two brothers and their new neighbor, who all fight over the attentions of the pretty girl in the farmhouse down the road; the girl's name is Willadean. Prize winning watermelons and a house reputed to be haunted figure in the plot line.

Original air date - March 8, 1964 (part 1) & March 15, 1964 (part 2)

USA, Walt Disney Productions
In English

воскресенье, 20 ноября 2016 г.

Sto dney do prikaza (1990)

Sto dney do prikaza / 100 Days Before the Command

Director: Hussein Erkenov
Stars: Vladimir Zamanskiy, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Oleg Vasilkov, Aleksandr Chislov, Elena Kondulaynen, Sergei Romantsov, Sergey Semyonov, Oleg Khusainov

Five young Soviet Army recruits struggle for survival against the merciless violence that surrounds them on a daily basis. Their only means of saving their dignity is by preserving the humanity and compassion they share for each other. Visually astonishing, erotically charged and emotionally jarring, this film is Hussein Erkenov's courageous and stinging indictment of Communisum. Banned by the Soviet censors upon its initial release the film had to be smuggled out of the country to make its world wide premier at the 1995 Berlin Film Festival.

Soviet Union
In Russian, with English subs (.srt)

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Samostoyatelnaya Zhizn (1991)

Samostoyatelnaya Zhizn / An Independent Life

Director & Writer: Vitali Kanevsky
Stars: Pavel Nazarov, Dinara Drukarova, Toshihiro Vatanabe, Elena Popova, Lyana Zhvaniya, M. Aleksandrov, Elena Antonenko

In this sequel to “Zamri, Umri, Voskresni!” (“Freeze, Die, Come to Life”), our hero, Valerka, now roughly 14-years-old, finds himself alive but still unable to keep out of trouble.   His female chum Galia did not fare as well, but her sister is present and develops a love/hate relationship with her sibling’s friend.   Complications arise when the boy is accused of stealing at school and again finds himself on the lam.   Very similar to its predecessor, except that it is filmed in color and concludes with a dose of surrealism.   Winner of the 1992 Grand Jury Prize Cannes Film Festival.

Russia | France
In Russian with French hardsubs + English subs (.srt) you should lift 'em up using any videoplayer, VLC and Daum PotPlayer can do it at least.

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Co slonko widzialo (2006)

Co slonko widzialo / What the Sun Has Seen

Director & Writer: Michal Rosa
Stars: Damian Hryniewicz, Dominika Kluzniak, Krzysztof Stroinski, Tomasz Sapryk, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, Kinga Preis, Malgorzata Hajewska, Jan Machulski, Jan Prochyra, Rafal Mackowiak, Andrzej Mastalerz

Three strangers living in Silesia - a 12-year-old half-orphan, a musically talented girl and a middle-aged unemployed ex-miner - are all desperate to get money to make their small dreams come true.

In Polish

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The Young and the Brave (1963)

Director: Francis D. Lyon
Stars: Rory Calhoun, Manuel Padilla Jr., William Bendix, Richard Jaeckel, Richard Arlen, John Agar, Robert Ivers, Dennis Richards, Robert Goshen

In this Korean War drama, three POWs escape the North Koreans and try to make it safely across enemy lines. During their flight, the soldiers encounter a young boy and his German Shepherd. The boy hates the communists because they killed his parents for sheltering American soldiers, and he offers to help the Americans escape. The journey is arduous and one of the soldiers dies. The fugitives are then joined by a victim of brainwashing. Finally they find the rescue helicopter, but the two original soldiers refuse to board until they can ensure the safety of the brave boy. They decide to take him to America, even though it means they may be court-martialed. One of the men becomes the lad's step-father.

In English

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воскресенье, 6 ноября 2016 г.

Da xia mei hua lu (1961)

Da xia mei hua lu / The Fantasy of Deer Warrior

Director: Ying Chang
Stars: Yun Ling, Hung Pai, Lin Lin, Chin-Shui Chen, Kuo-Jin Chien, Wan-Fang Chou, Lung Hsiao

The happy lives of animals in the forest are stirred by the sudden attack of a pack of wolves. The Uncle Deer comes to rescue, and asks Birdy to notify his son, the deer. Sika Deer and the Deer are fighting for the Miss Deer inextricably. When the Deer rushed to his father, the Uncle Deer has died, and he asked his son to revenge before dying.

Min Nan with English subs (.srt)

среда, 2 ноября 2016 г.

Gat seng gung ziu (1990)

Gat seng gung ziu / The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon

Director: Johnnie To
Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Sylvia Chang, Nina Chi Li, Kun-Hsuan Huang, Lawrence Cheng, Yu Ha, Goon Chung Wong, Sun Wong, Man Huang, Sha-Fei Ouyang, Fung Woo

Remake of Eddie Murphy's "Coming To America". Bo is HK's richest man, and everyone fawns over him, nicknaming him Tycoon. He is to marry spoilt cousin Cindy, but decides to run away instead, against the advice of his faithful butler Fatso. While gatecrashing a charity concert, he is enchanted by the sister of a fast food restaurant owner, and he goes to work in the restaurant, playing at being a poor man. But Fatso tries to care for him, and his aunts want the marriage to Cindy to proceed.

Country: Hong Kong
In Cantonese & Mandarin, with English subs (in .mkv)