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A Haunting Harmony (1993)

Director: Alvin Rakoff
Stars: Nathaniel Moreau, Jean Marc Perret, Francesca Annis, Michael Ford, John Hallam, Marilyn Le Conte, Frank Middlemass, Hayward Morse, Tim Wylton

A young member of a choir becomes friends with a ghost in a school of English cathedral.

Haunting Harmony tells the story of the friendship which develops between a Canadian Choirboy at a modern-day English cathedral school in 1989 and the ghost of a Welsh choirboy who has been haunting the cathedral for 400 years, using flashbacks to 1595 to draw out the parallels in their lives. Conflicting career pressures bring about the separation of the parents of 12-year old David Fabry and he is sent to school in England where his opera singing mother visits him occasionally, but it is David's father, a busy lawyer, that he really misses. Lonely and homesick, David is befriended by the ghost of Huw Pritchard whose tragic life ended abruptly when he was kidnapped to join the South Minster cathedral choir. In between choir practices for the Christmas carol service, David and Huw plot to re-unite his parents-and it becomes crucial for David to sing the solo at the service. However, Huw reveals that singing the same solo is the only way he can free himself from the supernatural ties that bind his soul to the cathedral...

Canada | UK
In English

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