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En busca del dragón dorado (1983)

En busca del dragón dorado / In Search of the Golden Dragon

Director: Jesús Franco (as James P. Johnson)
Stars: César Antonio Serrano, Flavia Mayans, Ivana Mayans, Luis Rodríguez, Trino Trives, Rosa Maria Minumer, José Miguel García

An action movie directed by Jess Franco based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Gold-Bug”.

Once more, Jess Franco makes an incredible film out of nothing. With some Chinese-looking people, two elephants, a tiger, a snake, a monkey and a turtle he succeeds in adapting Poe's classic "The golden beetle". The story is about a little girl (Flavia Hervas, in a pretty good performance) who becomes involved in the search of an ancient treasure, hidden by oriental natives in order not to allow strangers to take it. So the immortal original tale is crazily moved into a kids-oriented martial arts movie, which mixes the Tarzan classic spirit with the gruesome humor from its Spanish director.

In Spanish, with English subs (.srt)

VHSRip AVI 699 Mb 1:22:36
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