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Banjo (1947)

Director: Richard Fleischer
Stars: Sharyn Moffett, Jacqueline White, Walter Reed, Una O'Connor, Herbert Evans, Ernest Whitman, Lanny Rees, Theron Jackson, Howard McNeeley, Banjo the Dog, George McDonald, Robert Winans, Robert Bray

In this sentimental children's yarn, a little girl is orphaned when her father, a Georgia plantation owner, is trampled by a frightened horse. Now the child and her beloved dog Banjo must reside with her cold, unfriendly aunt in Boston. The proper old woman will not allow the dog in her house and sends it back down South. The young girl, unable to bear life without the pooch, runs away to find him, causing the aunt to reconsider her position.

USA, RKO Radio Pictures
In English

DVDRip AVI 634 Mb 1:07:30
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