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The Devil's Toy (1966)

The Devil's Toy / Rouli-roulant

Director & Writer: Claude Jutra
Stars: Charles Denner

This short 1966 documentary dedicated "to all victims of intolerance” depicts the dawn of skateboarding in Montreal. A new activity frowned upon by police and adults, skateboarding gave youngsters a thrilling sensation of speed and freedom. This film - the first Canadian documentary ever made about the sport - captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion.

Short documentary
Canada, in English

DVDRip AVI 175 Mb 0:15:05
512x384 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1421 kbps avg, 0.30 bit/pixel
48 kHz, Microsoft MPEG, 2 ch, ~192.00 kbps avg


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