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Terrain vague (1960)

Terrain vague / Wasteland

Director: Marcel Carné
Stars: Danièle Gaubert, Roland Lesaffre, Maurice Caffarelli, Constantin Andrieu, Jean-Louis Bras, Dominique Dieudonné, Denise Vernac, Claudine Auger
For the rebellious youngsters on a deprived Parisian housing estate, home is not a tiny room in a cramped apartment but a place amongst the shattered ruins of a derelict factory on a barren wasteland nearby.  Their true family are not the dreary grown-ups who abuse and threaten them, but the other members of their gang, who are united in open rebellion against the adult world.  The leader of the gang is Dan, a strong-headed teenage girl, almost a woman, who has earned the respect of her rough male cohorts.   Babar is the gang’s latest eager recruit, although it is with trepidation that he faces the daunting initiation test.  All is well until a hot-headed juvenile, Marcel, pushes his way into the gang, having escaped from a youth rehabilitation centre.  Having alienated Dan, he persuades the other members of the gang to join him in holding up a petrol station.  The scheme falls through and Marcel runs off in disgust.  The rest of the gang find two easy scapegoats for this failure – Babar and Lucky, Dan’s boyfriend – and set about instigating their own idea of justice...

In French, with English subs (.srt)

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