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Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1917)

Directors: Chester M. Franklin, Sidney Franklin (as Sidney A. Franklin)
Stars: Francis Carpenter, F.A. Turner, Virginia Lee Corbin, Alfred Paget, Violet Radcliffe, Buddy Messinger, Lewis Sargent, Elmo Lincoln, Raymond Lee, Lloyd Perl
In Bagdad, Princess Badr al-Budur, the daughter of the Sultan, falls in love with Aladdin, the son of a poor tailor, and rejects the suit of evil alchemist al-Talib, her father's choice. Al-Talib consults his Evil Spirit, who advises him to find the magic lamp hidden in an underground cave. Unable to get it himself, al-Talib hires Aladdin, who secures the lamp but keeps it when he realizes al-Talib's wickedness. With wealth obtained through wishes, Aladdin courts the princess. After the lamp changes hands between al-Talib and Aladdin, al-Talib steals it and abducts the princess to the desert. Aladdin follows with only a gourd of water. Suffering from thirst and exhaustion, Aladdin nearly succumbs, but the horsemen of the Sultan, who learned of his daughter's abduction, ride up and rescue Aladdin. Meanwhile, al-Talib, who with the lamp's power has erected a palace, threatens to throw the princess to the lions unless she marry him. Aladdin and the soldiers arrive just in time to rescue her and recover the lamp. Al-Talib dies in the lion's den.

USA, Fox Film Corporation
Silent, with French & German intertitles + Spanish subs (.srt)

AVI 242 Mb 0:26:24
448x336 (1.33:1), 25 fps, XviD build 47 ~1017 kbps avg, 0.27 bit/pixel
48 kHz, Microsoft MPEG, 2 ch, ~256.00 kbps avg





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