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Pepito y la lámpara maravillosa (1972)

Pepito y la lámpara maravillosa / Pepito & Aladdin's Lamp

Director: Alejandro Galindo
Stars: Javier López, Martín Ramos Arévalo, María Duval, Guillermo Orea, Raquel Olmedo, Maria Eugenia Da Silva

Pepito is punished in school for misbehaving, by his teacher. His punishment is writing an essay on a house utensil. On his way home from school, he buys a small saucer. Pepito lives with his mother and his not nice step father. When he gets home, he begins to clean his saucer, and it turns out to be Alladins Lamp. When Pepito sees the Genie, he asks him to write his essay for him, his work is fantastic. Pepito is questined by his teacher and the Principal of the school, he tells them the truth, but they don't belive him, and instead is assigned a more difficult homework. Pepito has the Genie once more write the composition for him. Everybody at school, thinks Pepito is a super intelligent child, and he is also outstanding in sports, winning a lot of gold medals, also thanks to the Genie. Pepito's step father who is not a nice person, wants to get hold of the lamp, but instead he jumps into the lake, and drowns, trying to retrieve the lamp that Pepito had thrown.

In Spanish

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