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Tête d'horloge (1970)

Director: Jean-Paul Sassy
Stars: Pierre Fresnay, William Coryn, Claude Cerval, Christian Echelard, Gérard Guingne, Louis Laguerre, Didier Schwartz, Paul Le Person, Sophie Grimaldi

A Paris, au cours d'une époque indéterminée et chaotique. Toutes les horloges du monde ont brutalement cessé de fonctionner. Seule celle du petit professeur «Tête d'horloge», pour une raison qui échappe à tous, continue de fonctionner et de remplir fidèlement sa mission : donner l'heure...

Google translated from the wiki: An ordinary day in 1969, without an explanation first, all watches, clocks and clocks of the world stop at midnight. The time is gone and no longer allows to regulate human activities. Within days, the distress is spreading and governments are in a hurry calm the distraught people. Only the private course Octave Gildas in Paris, Mr. Drouin, old traditional and dreamy teacher, does not seem in the least affected by this event, continuing to meet as usual to the second its immutable timetable, which it earned the nickname "clock head." Apparently his watch - yet an old pocket watch - is the only one that continued to operate...

In French

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