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Peterchen's Mondfahrt (1959)

Director: Gerhard F. Hering
Stars: Frank von dem Bottlenberg, Cora von dem Bottlenberg, Irmgard Först, Tilla Hohmann, Else Knott, Horst Butschke

May bugs "Sumsemann" grandfather has lost one leg and all his descendants were born without it. His leg is now on the moon and a fairy told him that only with the help of two children who had never turtured an animal the leg can be brought back. When Sumsemann meet the two sibilngs Peterchen (Frank von dem Bottlenberg) and his sister Anneliese (Cora von dem Bottlenberg) in their sleeping room, brother and sister agree to help him finding his lost leg. But therefor they have to ride to the moon.
Peterchens Mondfahrt is a German-language fairy tale written by Gerdt von Bassewitz. It was first performed as a theatre cosplay in Leipzig in 1912 and appeared in 1915 as a storybook for children with illustrations by Hans Baluschek. The title literally means "Little Peter's Journey to the Moon".

West Germany
In German

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