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Shaughnessy (1996)

Shaughnessy / Shaughnessy the Iron Marshal

Director: Michael Ray Rhodes (as Michael Rhodes)
Stars: Matthew Settle, Linda Kozlowski, Tom Bower, Norman D. Golden II, Sarah Paulson, Michael Jai White, Tim Grimm, John Carroll Lynch, John Hawkes, Bo Hopkins, O'Neal Compton, Cari Shayne, Daragh O'Malley, Stuart Whitman

Our story opens in New York City, 1870. When an Irish immigrant gang member/bare-knuckle boxer crosses the wrong man he must flee for his life. Back then it was easy to disappear into the wide western frontier. Despite filling the large urban ghettos in the east the Irish were quite willing to go west and spread all the way to the west coast. On the frontier Irish played many roles including, ironically, lawmen. Here our hero, Shaughnessy, unwittingly and unwillingly becomes the marshal of a small town with big problems. Through his pluck he tackles his new job using the only education afforded to him: the school of hard knocks.

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